• I am addicted to shoes.
    Inspired by the all time greatest Michael Jordan and the game of basketball sparked my childhood dream of becoming a professional basketball. What started with a boy´s passion turned into my lifetime pursuit. I studied Industrial Design with the mission to become a footwear designer and to create the best products that would enable prime athletes and consumers to perform at their highest level. Since then design for me is the balance between science and art. 
    My three greatest influences are: athletes, nature and silence. 
    - Athletes seek for their ultimate performance on their never ending ques to be the best they can. Products need to work in harmony with the human body. - - Nature acts as a geometric formation, in a mountain, an animal or trail that cuts a valley in two.
    - Then there is silence, total silence. Whether it is before falling asleep or on long solitary bike rides. At that point, I´m at the purest sense of myself.
    I get to this point where everything is clear. This is the perfect moment.
    As a designer my goal is to be involved and surrounded by a passion for creating. The constant thought of improving. I feel confident in my ability to communicate ideas, translate concepts, and enlist emotions through my work.  I am not afraid to make decisions or work towards them in a team environment. I love to be enrolled in the process of design with others and view design as a series of solutions. 
    I want to continue my passion for translating my school-boy-like excitement for sports and creativity into compelling and inspirational products that are both consumer and business relevant.
    Form follows emotion. With enthusiasm I strive for this perfection.
    This website reflects all of the above.
  • Where I design.
    Cycling at the height of summer to skiing in deepest winter is my constant research to experience the culture, the people and the products and be inspired by them all. These environments allow me to fully absorb every little spark to create the best products.